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Lanes & Thames Water – XR Training Solution

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The challenge

For Lanes Group plc, the UK’s largest independent drainage company, employee training is of crucial importance. They have strict key performance indicators in place with their client Thames Water which relate to Lanes’ engineers being able to complete works effectively and provide the highest levels of customer service. If Lanes do not achieve these KPIs then that puts the overall contract at significant risk.

Lanes had gathered feedback from their own people that the lack of quality in their training and staff development was having an impact on employee attrition rates as well as making it harder to attract the talent they needed to grow.

Interactive training had proven successful in the past, but when we partnered with them, our challenge was to raise the bar of the interactive experience and the effectiveness of the training. It was crucial that trainees were able to learn the core skills and knowledge quickly and then retain this knowledge.

The solution

We created a Shared Virtual Reality Training experience enabling innovative gameplay across the 360° viewing screen. Users don’t wear a VR headset, allowing for a more effective and collaborative group training experience.

The app allows employees to be trained in end-to-end processes, navigating them through:

  • The initial customer call into the Lanes contact centre agents
  • Assigning jobs to field operations employees
  • The processes behind carrying out van pack and equipment safety checks
  • How to complete tasks safely and successfully to diagnose and solve issues e.g. flooding
  • Reporting back to a technical specialist to close the job

Importantly, the app employs an increased level of background analytics enabling Lanes to highlight areas of training that employees find challenging, resulting in managers being able to focus their efforts on the topics that really matter.

“It’s brought a level of innovation and magic to what we do every day” 

Andy Brierley, Group Director of Lanes Group 

The impact

Myriad have established an ongoing partnership with Lanes and continue to create new modules to help the Lanes team achieve ever more challenging KPI expectations. With this first project Lanes were able to capture significant return on investment in key areas:



increase in staff retention


£1m ($1.2m)

cost savings from recuritment and training costs



improvement in team happiness

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