USAF – VR Training Solution

Reduce Cost and improve retention of knowledge by trainees

Digital Transformation
Virtual Reality

The challenge

The U.S. Air Force approached us with a need to dramatically reduce training costs, increase efficiency and increase retention.

Our proposal was to create digital twins of Vaisala’s TMQ-53 weather station, a Hughes’ BGAN (broadband global area network), a portable, automated set up that takes observations providing invaluable data enabling missions around the globe.

The solution

Myriad designed a virtual reality training program that allowed the USAF to have their trainees practice the technical skills and process needed to erect and repair the mobile weather station and broadband network station. By creating an accurate digital twin of all the components, the trainees were able to learn quickly and effectively how to use the 80+ components.

The synthetic environment allows variables such as inclement weather and equipment problems to enhance the training experienced. Trainees performance data is collected and available in real time so the trainer in charge can provide feedback to support a better learning experience.

Assessment functionality was also included to test the trainees in several areas including:

  • Selecting the most appropriate location by choosing from 4 pre-determined locations ​
  • Assembling the TMQ in the correct order, connecting all the cables correctly ​.
  • Using the laptop and BGAN in a separate area of the base to connect to the TMQ-53 via satellite ​
  • Using a video on the laptop display to connect to the TMQ systems

“VR cuts down on the need to purchase additional equipment, eliminates temporary duty travel and dramatically lowers the potential for equipment breakage. The real savings come from Airmen not being taken away from their missions. 

Saving costs is what everyone wants to hear, but opportunity cost is today’s enemy, particularly time. A trainee can be immersed and familiarize him or herself without ever seeing the equipment and a member already certified can use it towards refresher training.”

Rob Thomas – Tech Sgt, 1st Weather Wing Systems and Training Officer, USAF



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