Amazon – Travel Security

Amazon, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has a global workforce travelling thousands of miles a year.

The safety and well-being of these employees is understandably of vital importance. Myriad Global Media worked closely with Amazon’s internal safety teams to create a series of travel safety films that focus on how to change perspectives and behavior, depending on where employees are traveling around the world.

Three Safe Travel Awareness films for Amazon’s Corporate Security Team were completed with the films including the following key elements:

  • A U.S. film for all foreign travellers to view prior to visiting the United States.
  • A Middle East film for foreign travellers planning to visit a Middle Eastern country.

Myriad used an “in first-person” style to create the high-quality films. This helped to provide the employee with a unique point of view that is designed to inspire the audience to think, “That could be me.” Amazon’s Corporate Security Team confirmed these films continue to receive incredible positive feedback from Amazon employees.