Dubai Airports E-Learning

The brief from Dubai Airports outlined key objectives that included the ability to teach each employee directly, maximising their ability to retain and understand key information that would enable them to carry out their work professionally, safely and efficiently.

The overall solution was to develop an online E-Learning platform with a maximum running time of around 48 minutes with key modules that address the following topics:

  • Module 1 – Operation Induction
  • Module 2 – Environmental Awareness
  • Module 3 – Safety Awareness
  • Module 4 – Accident Causation
  • Module 5 – SUSA
  • Module 6 – Testing

This fully interactive modular induction training, incorporating video, graphics, text and voiceovers puts across clear coherent messages that employees at all levels can understand and assimilate. At the end of each module there is a short multiple-choice interactive test (6 questions), testing them on the visual training they have just watched. Then, a longer test at module 6 that confirms what information has been retained from each of the previous modules.

Our outcome was a highly engaging application that is available across a LAN and could also be sourced via a web-portal for those working through it offsite. One of the best USPs is the built in analytics that allows line managers to track which team members had completed all 6 modules and what parts were proving difficult to certain employees so further training could be implemented.