Tsimiroro – Madagascar

Madagascar Oil’s Tsimiroro Project is an onshore development first discovered in 1909. It is only recently that the development has become viable, and one that represents the foundation of a new industry in Madagascar.

Myriad Global Media supported the project with a variety of solutions, firstly a documentary film/animation for a dynamic portrayal of the country’s transformation, chronicling the history of the development, as well the positive impact it will have for both the local community and the future of Madagascar. The story is told by those who are working towards the project and those who it will benefit, including engineers, project managers, environmentalists, governmental figures and members of the local community.

Live action shots and interviews show the audience the beauty of Madagascar’s landscape and people, while animation is used to depict the project’s location and the complex exploration technologies employed. This documentary was then supported by the creation of a branded DVD, providing our client with something physical that could be shared with various key stakeholders and external parties.