Thames Water / Lanes Group

Lanes Group plc are a civil engineering group specialising in drainage and sewerage repair, working on behalf of Thames Water across the South East of England. Operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee wellbeing are at the forefront of business success meaning training must be of the highest standard. 

Myriad Global Media partnered with Lanes Group in August 2018, after initial conversations surrounding the development of new immersive training technology. Existing training programmes already provided employees with a level of interactivity that improved information retention, but our challenge was to take this to the next level.

At the head office in Slough, Lanes Group have a state-of-the-art training facility complete with an Igloo Vision 360-degree projector screen that provides immersive group training. Our objective was to build upon current methods, utilise the Igloo screen and add new virtual reality training methods, our solution succeeding on all counts.

Our mixed reality training application uses virtual reality technology to develop the gameplay and uses the Igloo 360-degree screen as the viewing screen. The training scenario doesn’t require an individual to wear the VR headset and thus keeps the collaborative training advantages making the 360-degree screen interactive.

The final gameplay requires each user to login, entering their employee identification number so that all actions can be tracked via background analytics. Enabling Lanes Group to highlight areas of training all employees fall down on, allowing training managers to focus training on topics that actually matter.

Our mixed reality training application focusses on end-to-end process, taking employees through;

  • Initial customer call into contact centre agents,
  • Assigning jobs to field operations employees,
  • Carrying out van pack and equipment safety checks,
  • Complete tasks safely and successfully to solve the flooding issue,
  • Report back to a technical specialist to close the job.

For more details on immersive technology training please get in touch.

T: +44 207 684 5050