Synthetic environments – Key Use Cases

Imagine being able to reduce the duration of your training by at least 25% while simultaneously improving knowledge retention of trainees by 4 times. Consider enabling trainees to ‘test and adjust’ in digital immersive training spaces and potentially make mistakes in complete safety, prior to embarking on ‘real-world’ operations. Spaces that can be constantly altered and updated with varying climatic, physical and threat levels to tailor the training and sharpen the adaptability of participants. The capability offers commanders the capacity to handover remotely to their successors with a walk-through talk-through of physical assets, operational procedures, deployments, intelligence etc. This is precisely the deployment of effective synthetic environment solutions that Myriad Global Media (MGM) can bring to your organisation. MGM will be attending DSEI for the first time in September and exhibiting their synthetic environments and training solutions in the Security Zone at booth N7-253.


Myriad Global Media has been in business for over 30 years creating solutions that familiarise, educate and engage delivering return on investment. We have offices in London, Houston, Abu Dhabi and Georgetown. Our clients include the MOD-Army, USAF, ExxonMobil, KBR, Fluor, GE, ADNOC, MOPA (UAE) and Amazon etc.

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