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The smartphone revolution is growing from 0 to 7.2bn devices in 3 decades



of UK businesses think their employee communications strategy is top of the internal agenda, therefore digital provides perfect solutions

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App development

Since the launch of mobile applications in 2008 when Apple released the first iPhone, the app market has boomed. With the UK leading the way in the app market across Europe, the current value to the industry in 2016 is £4bn.

With both Apple and Android phones now having their own library of apps, ready for download at the touch of a button, over 220 billion apps have been downloaded since 2008. This has led to the end user now spending 80% of their time on apps when using their handheld devices.

Although a relatively recent innovation in comparison to other technology that we use in our everyday lives, it’s almost hard to imagine a world where apps don’t run seamlessly with our daily routines.

The industry of App development is lucrative – and with an estimated third of the world’s population having access to a smart-device that runs apps, it isn’t surprising to see why!

App’s can solve the problem of employee interactivity, raise the level of customer engagement to unprecedented heights and add an extremely personal touch that enables the client to reach out and supply relevant information to its followers.

For example; Myriad Global Media have developed a bespoke ‘Safety Reporting App’ that provides employees with the tools they need to stay compliant and risk free at all times.

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E-learning is an immensely popular learning tool that provides in house training, tailored to an organisations needs. By enabling our clients to design bespoke modules, tailored by previous results via background analytics, a unique solution ensures the highest success rates.

In comparison to other teaching methods, the interactivity of electronic learning is highly engaging, with faster delivery at a much lower cost. It’s been shown that learners respond more effectively to a system that can be personalised to their individual learning specifications, updateable and mobile, all with results achievable at their own pace.

Myriad Global Media offer the tools and platforms to develop bespoke e-learning programs and we pride ourselves on our creative insight to further make the experience fun and engaging.

For example; our simple interactive site induction training video makes the user engage with training throughout to maximise information retention and keeping their attention

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Radio and Film appeared at almost the same time in the early 20th Century as popular forms of entertainment – and while film has had to constantly change within its medium to remain popular, Radio has more or less remained the same.

Why? Because sound is key. And the power of broadcasting sound across a wide audience is staggering, and still holds its appeal over a hundred years later. And now, with the popularity of Podcasts, your message can reach the devices pocketed by over 3billion people across the world.

Business broadcasting is a relatively unheard of medium when an organisation thinks of ways of engaging with its employees. Often it’s apparent, especially when there is a large dispersed workforce, that communicating an internal issue or new legislation can be a problem.

Recorded Podcasts, launched over a bespoke business broadcasting system (an App for example) can mean employees can listen easily on the move, anywhere in the world. These have a very personal touch and mean senior board members can speak directly to their teams.

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