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The history of Film production stretches back to the 1880s with the invention of motion picture cameras. Film is simply a series of still images that when played on screen creates an illusion of motion. Nowadays, film has a fully digital production process from start to finish and has become a powerful medium.

Its range in themes can be used for educating personnel, relaying informative documentaries, influencing business propaganda, and relaying important branded content.

In the 21st Century, film production is present in everything we do and has created a communication method that can reach audiences globally. It relays messages in a global language that ensures viewers retain the information they see for longer.

Our films are multi-awarding winning. Our capacity for storytelling sets the bedrock of all our productions and is the heart of all our visuals. Myriad Global Media have shot films all over the world, telling stories and capturing moments, from the deserts of Tunisia to the jungles of Guyana. Across the seas and oceans, taiga’s and tundra’s, to the furthest flung villages and the most metropolitan cities.

With talented production crew located all over the world, no corner is out of reach to us, and no story unrealisable.


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Time-lapse video

When someone says the phrase, ‘it’s like watching paint dry’, usually they are referring to a process that takes a very long period of time and if filmed, would be extremely dull. Time-lapse photography and filming can solve these somewhat unimaginative, drawn out processes and create exciting, and sometimes chaotic, films that excite the audience.

Time-Lapse utilises the technique where by capturing the frequency of the film frames at a much lower rate, can then enable you to see things moving faster when played at normal speed. For example, by applying this method to a construction site or a crowded place, a process can increase in speed and take the audience through a longer period of time in a shorter time frame. Processes that usually appear subtle or non existent to the human eye can now come to fruition before our very eyes.

If used correctly, these sequences can enhance and communicate a clear message. Whereas before a single shot would not be able to comprehend the process in its entirety. Time-lapse can have a huge impact on project communications, from melting glaciers in the Arctic, euphoric sunsets on an Oil rig, to complex construction sequences that complete an incredible piece of engineering.

Myriad Global Media has set up high-tech cinematography to capture footage all over the globe. This fantastic medium will ensure that no one has to watch paint dry again.

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