Equatorial Guinea: A Country Negotiating Significant Economic Change

The Myriad Global Media video production team has just completed a filming trip in Equatorial Guinea. This trip encompassed offshore filming, visiting local schools and villages, and a midnight beach hike with a team of field biologists.

The footage will contribute towards a film that explores oil production in the country and the impact this has had on the economy. Two decades ago the country relied on exports of cocoa, coffee and timber. These have been overtaken by the growth of the petrochemical industries.

The film will trace the effect that the oil business has had in developing a new generation of technically proficient Equatorial Guineans. It will also address the pressures that economic development can bring to bear on the natural environment. Improved road networks increasingly bring the population into contact with endangered animal species so the film will document the investment being made in various conservation projects. Teams of field biologists fight to conserve the turtle and primate populations for not only the oil generation, but future generations too.

Forbes recently published an article entitled ‘Equatorial Guinea’s Leap Into the Future‘ which provides further insight into the history of this beautiful country and the shape of its future.

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