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Our Core Values



We never cut corners and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality solution. That is why, for over 30 years we have been able establish ourselves as a go-to-partner to many of the world’s biggest organisations!



Collaboration is the key to success. The whole becomes greater than its individual parts when we come together and work as one cohesive unit toward a common goal – delivering amazing work and blowing the socks off our customers expectations. 



We hold each other accountable. We speak in an open, frank and honest way because that is what we believe that is what makes us not just a better business, but better people too. This continual striving towards improvement has been key to our success as a company by creating a culture of transparency. 



Innovation is in our DNA. We encourage our people to be bold, take risks, get creative and ultimately try new things. We push boundaries, from launching the first podcast (before they were called that!) all the way back in 2001 to creating our industry leading immersive solutions today, we’ve been at the forefront of new technology and ideas for over 30 years! 

“A friendly, forward thinking company that looks to be at the forefront of VR/3D/Immersive training and video. A good team dynamic and a great office location. The perfect place to get your teeth stuck into a wide range of projects..”

Nick Christie

Head of Edit

“There is never a dull day! It’s challenging, but enjoyable. Plenty of opportunity to learn new things! The quality of work is second to none. There are also some very exciting new learning technologies and products that have been developed by our crack team of XR developers and 3D animators.”

James Miles

Head of Finance & Operations

“The work can be challenging sometimes but working with a friendly team and having support makes it worth it… the company stays fresh with ideas, software and tech, allowing a constant flow of learning and improving skills to grow within the company”

Emily Prichard

3D Artist

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