Lithium, Education and Visual Storytelling

How communications can engage audiences to change perspectives

Energy Transition
Why Video & Communication Matter for Lithium Producers

In the rapidly evolving energy landscape, lithium has emerged as a cornerstone of modern technology and renewable energy solutions. As the demand for electric vehicles, portable electronics, and energy storage systems skyrockets, so too does the need for lithium. Yet, the journey of lithium from extraction to application can be seen as a environmental disaster with little to no knowledge of new modern methods of extraction are done.

This is where Myriad Global steps in. We believe in the power of video and strategic communications to bridge the gap between lithium producers and their diverse audiences. From investors and stakeholders to the general public and environmental advocates, we can shed light on the lithium production process and its significance in driving sustainable change.

The Rising Demand for Lithium: A Global Perspective

Lithium’s role in powering the future cannot be understated. With the world shifting towards green energy and reducing carbon footprints, lithium-based batteries have become indispensable. However, the process of lithium production, particularly the environmental and ethical considerations involved, often remains behind the scenes.

It’s crucial for lithium producers to engage in transparent and informative communication. Educating your audience not only builds trust but also fosters a deeper understanding of the challenges and innovations within the lithium industry.

See below an example of engaging story telling Myriad completed for CleanTech Lithium. This film spells out the challenges and innovations within the industry to engage multiple stakeholders at once.

Direct Lithium Extraction: The Future of Sustainable Production

Myriad Global is working with clients that want to lead the way of uniquely showcasing the latest advancements in lithium extraction methods, especially the direct lithium extraction (DLE) approach. DLE represents a breakthrough in minimizing environmental impact, reducing water usage, and enhancing the efficiency of lithium production and is seen as a key part of the energy transition.

Through our tailored video content and communication strategies, we bring projects to life that allow audiences to dive deep into the science, the people, and the communities behind DLE projects, that in turn create a greater understanding of projects on the horizon.

See below a new project in Arkansa for one of our supermajor clients targeting local community engagement, the key is education which in turn empowers local communities to really understand the process and ask the right questions to get the right answers.


Why Work Myriad Global?
  1. Expert Storytelling: With decades of experience in communications strategy, video production and animation, we know how to tell your story in a way that resonates and engages audiences globally and locally.
  2. Innovative Solutions: We leverage the latest technology and creative approaches to ensure your message stands out in a crowded digital landscape.
  3. Global Reach, Local Insight: Our worldwide presence enables us to capture the essence of your projects, wherever they are, while understanding the local context and its global impact.
  4. Commitment to Sustainability: We share your dedication to sustainable practices and aim to highlight the positive environmental contributions of your lithium production efforts.

Engage, Educate, Empower

Myriad Global Media is your partner in navigating the complexities of the lithium industry through compelling video and strategic communications. Together, we can engage audiences, educate the world about the importance of lithium, and empower your business to lead the charge towards a sustainable future.

Let’s tell the story of lithium together.

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