Middle East 3rd Annual Safety Workshop

Myriad Global Media Middle East hosts 3rd Annual Safety Workshop

Myriad Global Media Middle East are now planning their third annual safety workshop here in Abu Dhabi.  Through liaison with our local network we have set the topic as “Safety through Supply Chain’

This builds on our previous events which were focused on behavioural safety and then health and welfare.  The aim of our annual safety workshop and all our events remains the same year on year.  We aim to bring together the local safety community so that we can exchange knowledge and best practice.  We’ve liaised with our local stakeholders throughout the year through our client meetings and our participation various safety focused events.  There is a recurring discussion around how procurement evaluation criteria could be better utilised to support the organisations safety objectives.

Equipment and contractors are often evaluated through a phased procurement which first evaluates the technical offer and then compares the commercial aspects.  Some technical evaluations include a need to have safety standards and or safety certifications.  Other contracts ask for you to submit your companies Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.

The scoring and evaluations of these aspects may have a yes meets criteria or no does not meet criteria.  That however does not give suppliers the drive to have the ‘best safety’ because it does not allow them to be selected based on their outstanding safety records.

Many of our organisations include safety and or environment as one of their core beliefs and pillars of their identity.  And yet we are not allowing this to resonate through our procurement.  We see incident reports time after time which include that there could have been safer decisions made during the procurement for a project.  The aspects of cost and lead time tend to pull us away from the safest option.

Our workshop will be held at the Park Rotana on Sunday 3rd February and we now have an open call for thought leaders to share their thoughts on the day. 

We anticipate presentations from procurement leaders, safety experts and end users so that we can have a holistic and interactive discussion throughout the day.

Please do mail us Belinda.griffiths@myriadglobalmedia.com to set a meeting where we can discuss your proposed presentation.

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