Myriad Lands In Madagascar

There remain few countries in the world where Myriad has yet to work, Madagascar being one of them – until now.

Madagascar Oil has commissioned Myriad to document the success of its Steam Flood Project, which has been running since late 2011. To set up the venture, we flew out one of our top directors, accompanied by one of our most experienced DOPs, while on the shoot itself we used local sound engineers and camera assistants. There are no C300 cameras available in Madagascar, and the local crew thoroughly enjoyed working with the new technology.

All Myriad projects are unique, but, for us, this project had the advantage of being an especially interesting challenge – and one made all the more enjoyable by the stunning local landscape, which provided an amazing backdrop to our visit.

Once complete, the documentary will run at approximately ten minutes and will incorporate 3D graphics of the geological data, with visualisations of what happens during the steam flood process. The film will be used for community and stakeholder engagements and will also form part of the plan for the next phase of work to be submitted to the Madagascan Government. 

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