Our ‘Top 4’ from CES 2019

After the rush to publish during CES we thought we’d hold back the best till last! Here are our four favourite picks from the Show.

One of the most impressive is from Pimax, not a new kid on the block, but it’s move to capture 8K headset market is rather impressive. With 4K resolution per eye, customised low-persistence liquid screen and 200-degree field of view it promises truly amazing immersion and fantastic colour. We are already seeing this as a fine upgrade for our existing VR training applications and experiences where fine level of detail and texture are required. With it being compatible with VIVE light-boxes and controllers it is an easy swap to replace a VIVE headset.

In second has to be the Teslasuit. It’s very first completely wireless haptic two-piece suit that provides haptic feedback in immersive experiences. It uses electro simulation systems to create sensation on the skin or cause muscle contractions. This suit can be used in so many applications from gaming to real world applications such as sports and health training, medicine and rehabilitation.

Up next, Nreal AR glasses. Super lightweight weighing just 85grams mixed reality glasses are a promising product for professional use where it can be worn for extended periods of time. It comes with tethered with a wearable computational device or can be paired with a smartphone or laptop via a USB Type C connection and used just like external screen. With integrated cameras and a fantastic special audio system this system offers possibilities for shared user remote communication and collaboration in industrial applications such as manufacturing, training and support.


Finally, we have the Cybershoes. A brilliant crowdfunded product that adds very important interactivity element to VR experiences by enabling user to use feet and legs to manoeuvre through the experience. Kit consists of special shoes that strap onto your existing shoes, well lubricated swivel chair and antistatic mat. We very enjoyed this idea of the system, because it makes VR more accessible for everyone regardless of how big of the space you have.

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