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ADNATCO Project Bid Design Report

Development of a ADNATCO-NGSCO corporate report and presentation covering the design, content and printing

Branding & Strategy
Graphic Design
Internal Communications

Our aim was to produce a world-class report for ADNATCO and NGSCO that presents the project submission in a way that is both visually engaging and informative for the audience. The Myriad Global Media team has produced annual reports and brochures for a broad range of clients including Tullow, PDO, Fluor, Dana Petroleum, BP, Wood Group, AMEC, Shell, British Telecom, Sakhalin Energy and Nexen.

Below is an overview of the report with regards to the design, content and printing.

  • Report designed to be innovative, modern and elegant in design.
  • To feature engaging cover photo, which will be representative of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award theme.
  • To contain images relevant to SKEA.
  • Report to contain a variety of tables and graphs.
  • Final design to adhere to any existing client design guidelines or restrictions.
  • Report to be presented in English only.

As always, we presented our client with three concepts that all take an individual approach and design style, with regard to colour scheme, text font, data presentation, layout etc. The chosen concept was called ‘Splendour’ and is outlined below;


This concept revels in the rich and lavish visual history of the Middle East in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular, to highlight the importance ADNATCO and NGSCO place upon the development and education of young Emiratis. Using modern variations upon traditional Arabic patterns and art, this concept expresses the importance of culture, and the pride that can be taken in your local environment. Technically, this design is rich in detail and sumptuous in finish, using a metallic gold ink alongside the standard four colour print process on a glossy paper stock to bring the design to life.

The final part to our project with ADNATCO was for the development of the ADNATCO-NGSCO corporate presentation. They required something different so we designed a bespoke ‘Prezi’ Presentation they could use and integrated video interviews with key employees.

Audience & Communications Objective:

  • To be reflective the developments that have occurred in the company over the past two years.
  • To play an essential role as a marketing and communication tool through conveying a positive message about ADNATCO-NGSCO as a company.
  • To be suitable for a wide audience of both internal and external stakeholders.
  • A presentation that the audience finds attractive, informative and engaging.