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ADNOC – 360 Virtual Reality

Creation of three Virtual Reality video's delivered via a bespoke Mobile Application to inform, inspire and engage stakeholders at a large industry expo

3D Animation
Mobile Application
Virtual Reality

The way we start a Virtual Reality app project is very simple, firstly develop a picture of the audience – Who they are? What their specialism/levels in the organisation are? Key drivers and motivators? We are looking here to gain a clear picture of our audience so we can most effectively develop communications over the lifecycle of the project that ‘speak to them’ in a language, style and ‘look and feel’ that they will be collectively most responsive to.

We also need to understand how the various items we produce and develop will be used. Where? On what platforms? etc. In other words we need to fit our design around the audience, rather than expect them to fit round us.

For the Virtual Reality App, our workshop sessions and strategy meetings with ADNOC identified the following audience and objectives:

  1. To provide visitors to ADNOC’s stand at exhibitions, with world-class, inspiring and educational VR experiences.
  2. It’ll play a key role in informing people about ADNOC’s scope across the value chain and how ADNOC touches every part of the day to day lives of people in Abu Dhabi and the wider region.
  3. It must reinforce all of the facets that make ADNOC a huge part of the community, which it will continue to be for generations.

These Virtual Reality experiences had to be world-class. Attendees of ADIPEC 2016 must leave the ADNOC exhibition stand feeling inspired, informed and engaged. In this section we have outlined the basic principles that we will take to achieve this. Myriad Global Media has extensive experience with 3D animation, and we are used to showing off our client’s engineering marvels. Working to a near photographic level of realism, we can move through impossible spaces, visualise the extreme scales of subsea and subsurface drilling and demonstrate the ingenious processes of carbon capture and storage.