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Raising awareness and funding, training clinicians, and improving patient outcomes through VR

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Virtual Reality

We were presented with the challenge of developing solutions to better combat and treat Placenta Accreta Spectrum (PAS) for women and babies. Our task required a robust understanding of the needs of the client and for their patients whilst also presenting solutions that could be effective and immersive. Moreover, our challenges were compounded by the need to maintain minimal time, cost, and medical resource expenditures.



Train physicians and improve patient outcomes using virtual reality programs to better diagnose and treat women and babies. Including minimized medical resources, time, and money through the creation of efficient and impactful solutions.



Myriad Global developed an immersive and realistic Virtual Reality training program for the PAS procedure. The VR program consists of a virtual surgical operating theatre complete with an operating table, medical apparatuses, equipment, a patient, and medical staff. This immersive environment is made realistic through the use of shade and lighting, which graphically mimics real-world surgical settings and enables surgeons to perform realistic surgical procedures, all in a safe VR environment. The VR headset itself is a convenient tool that fits over the head comfortably. This enables training to take place in clinics, hospitals, or wherever the surgical staff are.

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