BHP Billiton Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning animation that would used for the new office site inductions

3D Animation

The BHP Billiton Interactive Learning platform covers the creation of a series of informative and engaging induction films to familiarise BHP Billiton’s employees and visitors with the new Houston campus. This includes the creation of a Visitor, Culture and a Safety Induction Film to be made up of rich media content including animation and graphics.

The audience and objectives as follows:

  • The audience for these films consist of BHP Billiton’s employees working at the new campus in Houston and all visitors.
  • The objective here is to create a world-class package of induction materials that are impactful, engaging and thought provoking amongst the target audience.
  • They must have the ability to familiarise the audience with the campus and key considerations, within a relatively short space of time.
  • Each film will be consistent in branding and messaging; and will be recognizable as being part of the same communication package.

Outline & Approach:

This includes the creation of a safety induction film for all BHP employees working at the new campus. The film will be modular in style, potentially covering the following safety areas: Driving & Parking, Visitor Passes, Emergency Alarms & Muster Points, Fire Alarms and Hazard Assessment.

The BHP Billiton Interactive Learning platform will use a series of infographics and 2D character led animations. This approach gave the overall output an engaging visual appeal and will allow us to communicate a large amount of information in a reasonably short space of time.

  • 2D animation may also be used to illustrate the layout of the campus i.e. floor plans, evacuation routes, car park etc.
  • We propose that this film is approximately 4-5 minutes in duration*.
  • Duelling professional voiceovers will be used including a male and a female
  • Test Zone – At the end of the film we propose to ask the audience 6-8 multiple choice questions to test what information they have retained.