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Chevron – Alder Documentary Film

Creation of a project documentary film to present Chevron’s plans for development and explore Alder’s challenging 40-year-old history.

3D Animation
Project Communications

Chevron’s Alder Field was first discovered in 1975 and is located in the Upper Jurassic Reservoir, 100 miles off the Scottish coast. As a complex high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) gas field, it is only recent technological and engineering advances that have made the project economically viable.

Myriad Global Media have produced ‘The Alder Story’; a stunning project documentary film which presents Chevron’s plans for development and also explores Alder’s challenging 40-year-old history. This film draws upon a range of elements including engaging interviews with key projects leaders, live action footage, infographics and a high quality 3D animation treatment. This film has been designed to achieve a balance between the people involved and insightful technical information to give the viewer a well-informed overview of the project. This documentary will play a vital role in informing Chevron’s stakeholders on the project, both internal and external to the company.