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Dana Petroleum – Cyber Security Animation

Creation of an engaging 3D animation to educate their entire workforce on the risks of cyber security threats and best practice for mitigation

3D Animation
Internal Communications

Dana Petroleum is an international oil and gas company producing 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day, with exploration and production activities in the UK, Egypt and The Netherlands. With nearly 1,000 people worldwide they are always at risk of cyber attacks due to the sensitivity of information they share internally with colleagues.

Myriad Global Media was brought in to create a solution that engaged with their entire workforce and educate them on a topic that can seem to be tiresome and something that would be ignored if sent via usual mediums, like email or an internal newsletter.

After sitting down with the client and internal security teams, we drafted a detailed storyboard, highlighting key areas in which employees can reduce risks. We chose animation because it’s a medium that can be made intuitive and fun, using recognisable characters and promote statistics, without being lectured. These recognisable characters can then be used in future training videos and become part of a company brand.

The end product was a huge success and reached the entire workforce with high open rates and everyone watching the entire video from start to finish.