ExxonMobil Guyana

Our relationship with ExxonMobil is the ideal partnership that allows Myriad Global Media to utilise our full selection of capabilities across multiple platforms. This case study showcases our ability to use Film, Animation, Graphic Design, develop an industry specific App and launch all ideas across Social Media campaigns. By creating a full 360-degree communications strategy we can maximise business objectives and ROI, reaching and fully engaging the wider audiences. Plus educate all employees as to how they fit into the bigger LNG supply chain, gaining buy-in and ensuring staff retention.

We delivered the following items for the LNG marketing tool-kit:

  • LNG to Power Video
  • In-depth Process Animations
  • PDF Project comms Print Items
  • Rich-Media Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Social Media campaigns incl. Animated GIFs
  • A Multi-Platform LNG Value Chain App

Many of the deliverables that we were suggesting in this recommendation use CGI animations and models to help explain the concepts involved in the LNG value chain.

We wanted to create a series of authoritative pieces that highlight why ExxonMobil is a ‘thought-leader’ in this evolving LNG industry, highlighting this to industry professionals and observers who have worked with ExxonMobil as buyers, partners, industry observers or as a host government.