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Halliburton – E-CD Animation

Creation of an effective 3D Animation that balances the need to explain the features and benefits of the technology to a potential client.

3D Animation
External Communications
Project Communications

The overall animation will ensure that the target audience fully understands the E-CD equipment and how it fits into the bigger picture, optimising performance and increasing ROI. Taking the viewer on a journey, educating them on the bigger picture but then observing in detail the technology in-situ.

Our aim is to create an effective animation that balances the need to explain the technology but also the features and benefits to a potential client. This was achieved by taking the initial outline storyboard provided by Halliburton, sitting down with the creative team at Myriad Global Media, having further detailed conversations with appropriate Engineers and project teams along the way, refining and evolving the end product.

The main message to come across from the animation needs to underline that this technology can be deployed on just about any Oil and Gas project around the world. The end product over-achieved and the success has been appreciated across Halliburton globally.

Now, with high-resolution still images taken from the animation we can develop sales and marketing brochures to incorporate into the wider communications strategy.