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PDO – ‘Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow’

A bespoke safety film ‘Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow’ focussed on preventing workplace accidents

HSE Communications
Video Production

PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all those working on their high-profile sites, including PDO operatives and additional contractors. The bespoke film ‘Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow’ focusses on what happens if employees cut corners and shows them the outcome when simple procedures aren’t followed.

Myriad Global Media worked closely with PDO production personnel, creating a storyline that takes place at one of their processing plants. Health and Safety is the focal point for most organisations, across all sectors but sometimes telling employees how to carry out day-to-day responsibilities safely, just doesn’t hit home. Nowadays, the best solution is to show them what the worst-case scenario looks like, implementing the scare factor.

As part of a wider HSE communications toolkit Myriad Global Media Middle East produced this impactful, hard-hitting and informative video. The storyline is supposed to ensure that workers constantly think about their actions and what happens, not only to themselves but what’s left behind at home if they die.

We used a selection of actors and shot the film over a 7-day period, focussing on key languages including, English, Arabic and Hindi. With the final edit spanning 10 minutes. Myriad Global Media provides full on-site production, camera crews, creative directors, hair and make-up with actors, props and wardrobe.

The final edit of ‘Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow’ was a huge success and has decreased simple HSE incidents significantly across all production sites. The ‘scare factor’ concept is becoming more and more popular and this film was created back in 2010 and has launched the Myriad Global Drama production series with many companies following suit since then.

If the simple PDF and Graphic Design posters that display step-by-step guides to ensure maximum safety don’t work, then a hard-hitting film will address the situation and highlights the worst case scenario. If you show how someones actions can affect their home life as well, employees listen.