Radio: One of the most powerful communication tools of the 21st Century

Despite the rise in social media and the emergence of the digital age, radio still remains one of the most powerful communication tools of the 21st century. Radio will be celebrating its 120th birthday this year and it still holds a strong presence as a communication channel, especially in less developed countries.

Here are some considerations about the use of radio:

  • In nations where Internet and electricity are limited, radio is the strongest medium for connecting isolated communities.
  • Radio is still the dominant mass-medium in Africa, reaching further than newspapers and television, both in terms of audience numbers and geographical reach.
  • Radio can be used as a platform for linkage and exchange between policy makers, government bodies, communities and researchers.
  • Effective radio broadcasters must work alongside the diversity of the countries in which they operate, embracing local language and different concepts.
  • There are potential benefits of linking radio with other forms of media such as the Internet and mobile phones.
  • Radio has the ability to raise awareness and stimulate social change amongst the target audience.

Source: Department for International Development (DFID)

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