Sourcing Materials Sensibly

Just recently, our graphic design team here at Myriad has been learning all about forests – or, more specifically, how our choices in paper and printing techniques help to protect them.

Working closely with our printers, we’ve now ensured that all paper we use is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved. This means that it is made using trees from properly managed forests that are environmentally sound and maintain the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and life cycles.

All stocks used in our rebranded stationary are also ECF (Environmentally Chlorine Free) – meaning that no chlorine is used during the bleaching of the wood pulp, which in turn almost entirely eliminates the toxic elements of the waste produced.

Add to this our vegetable-based inks – which further reduce our environmental impact – and you’ll find that, despite a red face, Myriad Global Media is reassuringly green.

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