Effectiveness Of Synthetic Environment

Conventional training, in the vast majority of cases, is unidirectional without the interactivity that practical and on-the-job training provides. Often, on-the-job training is not possible or dangerous. This is an area in which synthetic environment training shines. The 334th Training Squadron adopted synthetic environment training at Keeslar Air Force Base.

Instructor master sergeant Joshua Stillwagon said: “This system gives instructors the capability to not just tell airmen, but instantly show them a concept.” MGM’s synthetic environment training enabled the airmen to practice their job as if they were operational.

Airfield Management Career Field Manager Paul Portugal stated that the technology “gives our students a visual representation…They don’t need to imagine it, they can visualise cranes, trees or other things that can affect flight safety”. It has been proven that 70% of memory from training is lost within the first 24 hours if there is no attempt to retain it. Synthetic environment training is an effective method of retention because of the immediate application and repetition. MGM will be attending DSEI for the first time in September and exhibiting their synthetic environments and training solutions in the Security Zone at booth N7-253.

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