Top 10 VR & AR Headsets

What device is the best one that suits my needs?

Hopefully, this will gives you an insight into the Top 10 Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets on sale.


The Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets market is becoming more and more competitive, with leading companies like Google and Microsoft releasing their own brand devices. Although, now lots of other big organisations are starting to launch their versions of popular devices. Therefore, the first time buyer, who wants to get involved with buying Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets now face a dilemma.

AR is still a relatively young industry and the major players are still developing a headset that can really maximise its full potential. Although, VR has been around for a number of years but people are only recognising big commercial benefits such as: Training, HSE and Project/Technology communications.

The entire Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets market is set for huge growth in the coming years and depending on the publication or newspaper you read, the headset market alone will ship 13.7 million units in 2017. This is expected to grow to over 81 million units by 2021, up over 56%!

The main players in the market so far have been; Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive but now that Apple have released all new mobile devices with built in ARkit, the market is about to boom even further. All android phones will now have ARcore, and with their continued growth in the marker, everyone will soon have AR capabilities in their pocket. Virtual and Augmented Reality will be in every part of our lives very soon, if not already. It will assist us in everything we do and 75% of the Forbes biggest companies have invested in the technology.

The below guide takes you through the Top 10 Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets, looking at the positives and negatives. Please download it via LinkedIn Slide Share –


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