Virtual Reality: Media with No Boundaries

Virtual Reality quite literally has no boundaries. A technology that has been largely confined to the video gaming industry is growing in popularity and application. Music videos, documentaries, adverts, live music performance, cinema screenings and more have been made available to view in virtual reality format.

Virtual Reality is simply a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment, viewable using specialist viewing glasses. Since a pixel was first put to screen the film industry has strived to create a truly immersive world, and virtual reality delivers just that. Therefore it is not surprising that the likes of Sony, Facebook, Samsung and Microsoft are all getting involved in the virtual reality revolution.

Esso recently launched their ‘Fuel Your Senses’ Virtual Reality video, that places the viewer right at the heart of the action, on the Silverstone Track, in the seat of Jenson Button’s Formula 1 car.

Myriad Global Media has recently been producing virtual reality videos for clients who are looking for a new media to inspire and inform audiences at their events, exhibitions and for social media.

It is thought that the number of virtual reality devices sold will rise from 2.5 million this year to a staggering 24 million in 2018. It is forecast that the virtual reality market will then be worth more than $4 billion according to Forbes.

Virtual Reality is the media with no boundaries that will continue to grow and amaze audiences and Myriad Global Media will continue to develop content that pushes the boundaries in this area for our clients.

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