Amazon – Travel Security Film Series

Improve the awareness & safety of Amazon employees travelling worldwide

Video Production

The challenge

Amazon’s staff travel thousands of miles a year, both for business and pleasure and the safety of those employees is vitally important to the Company. A key goal was to reduce the percentage of employees traveling who weren’t logged into the approved travel website system and as a result were not easy to trace in the event of an incident or emergency.

Amazon Corporate Security put in place several measures to assure the safety of their employees as they move across the globe – including:

  • Travel website and apps
  • Culture and travel guides,
  • Emergency numbers etc.

The challenge was how to communicate these measures in a way that Amazonians would pay attention to.




The solution

Myriad Global Media worked closely with Amazon’s internal safety teams to create a series of travel safety films that focus on how to change perspectives and behaviour, depending on where employees are traveling around the world.

Myriad Global’s idea was to create a series of travel safety films, which would educate and inform Amazon staff about travel best practices – without being bossy and boring!

Using a POV-shooting style, we worked closely with Amazon’s internal safety teams and created 3 films, which delivered the information required, in a fun and engaging way. This shooting style made the film feel more ‘personal’ having the effect of making the potential problems become more impactful. We could then offer solutions and advice to make the experience smoother.

Educating employees to be more ‘culture-wise’, the films served up a host of tips and tricks for travelers to help them have safe and enjoyable trips. Traveling to different parts of the world (e.g. the Middle East) where locals have very different customs and habits from the US and Europe. The films give viewers a step-by-step guide on how to observe and respect local customs and traditions.

Myriad used an “in first-person” style to create the high-quality films. This helped to provide the employee with a unique point of view that is designed to inspire the audience to think, “That could be me.” Amazon’s Corporate Security Team confirmed these films continue to receive incredible positive feedback from Amazon employees.

The impact

A significant increase in the take-up of the Amazon travel website and app and reassured, educated travellers as well as positive feedback in qualitative surveys carried out by the internal Amazon team.


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