Dubai Airports – E-Learning Platform

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The challenge

Dubai Airport is one of the busiest international hubs in the world with over 90 million passengers passing through every year. To serve and support that many travellers you need a lot of staff – over 90,000 in fact. Tens of thousands of people doing different jobs, working different shifts, speaking different languages with new staff joining almost every single day in one team or another.

For this ecosystem to work effectively, all staff have to be trained to the highest levels and it is critical that every new member of the team is on boarded efficiently and can start contributing as quickly as possible. But how do you create a consistent approach that can do all this whilst also ensuring that the care of passengers and safety of everyone is given the highest priority?

The solution

Myriad created a bespoke e-learning platform that housed six core modules addressing topics such as Operational Induction, Environmental Awareness, Accident Causation and a dedicated Testing module.

The platform was built in a secure manner to allow remote access to approved employees and protect private data.

The modular nature of the platform allows Dubai Airport to make changes to any individual module quickly and easily as well as being able to add new modules to the platform as a whole.

The impact

Thousands of employees have benefited from the engaging and educational experience and been able to be embedded into their respective teams quicker than ever.

This was a key factor in helping Dubai Airport to secure a place in the “Top 25 Airports in the World” in Skytrax’s World Airport Awards and being regarded by Skytrax as having some of the “Best Airport Staff” in the region.

With Dubai Airport contributing over $26 billion to the economy, every single one of these employees plays a crucial role in supporting 27% of Dubai’s GDP.

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