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Integrated 3D Animation for Mexico Pacific LNG

Photo-realistic 3D animation overlayed to drone film, shot on location in Mexico with a local film crew.

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In a bold move to transform North America’s energy sector, Mexico Pacific LNG has initiated the construction of the continent’s largest LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) facilities. Positioned strategically on the west coast of Mexico, in Puerto Libertad, Sonora, this undertaking is not only the largest foreign private investment in Mexico but also a game-changer that will elevate the country to the status of the world’s fourth-largest LNG exporter. By capitalizing on its proximity to Asia, the project promises significant reductions in shipping times and costs, offering a viable alternative to the congested Panama Canal.

The challenge lay in communicating this complex and groundbreaking project in a clear and engaging manner to a broad audience.


Project Overview

The decision to use semi-photo-realistic 3D animation emerged as the optimal solution for this communication challenge. Tailored to captivate a wide-ranging audience — from local communities and government bodies at various levels to investors and shareholders — the animation was designed to highlight the project’s substantial economic and social benefits. It aimed to build community support, affirm the project’s commitment to sustainability, and underline its economic contributions. For investors, the detailed visualization emphasized the project’s innovative edge and potential for profitable returns, ensuring the message struck a chord with corporate stakeholders.


Innovative Approach

Myriad Global Media adopted a comprehensive production strategy that artfully combined high-quality 3D animation with drone footage and ground filming. Collaborating closely with project engineers, the team crafted a 3D representation that was not only technically accurate but also to scale, enabling viewers to fully comprehend the scope and complexity of the LNG facilities. This realism was skillfully augmented by integrating the 3D models with actual drone and ground-filmed footage filmed by out local team sin Mexico, resulting in a visually cohesive portrayal that blended detailed animation with the project’s real-world setting.

This approach provided a unique perspective on the project’s layout, seamlessly illustrating its harmonious integration with the surrounding natural and community landscapes.


Community and Environmental Impact

A key focus of the narrative was the project’s positive impact on the local community, highlighting job creation, skill development initiatives, and the stimulation of local businesses as direct benefits. Myriad’s strategic storytelling underscored the project’s role in driving economic development and improving local livelihoods.

Furthermore, the animation spotlighted Mexico Pacific LNG’s dedication to environmental stewardship. It showcased the project’s efforts to protect local ecosystems and promote sustainable resource use, aligning with contemporary environmental and sustainability goals.



Through Myriad Global Media’s pioneering use of 3D animation, the Mexico Pacific LNG project has been vividly brought to life, demonstrating the immense potential of visual storytelling in conveying the nuances of complex industrial endeavors. This innovative approach not only facilitated a deeper understanding of the project’s technological, economic, and social dimensions but also successfully engaged a corporate audience by blending accuracy with creativity. The result is a compelling narrative that showcases the project’s significance, ensuring its message resonates with all key stakeholders and sets a new benchmark in corporate communication.

The project was so well received the president of Mexico himself tweeted it:




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