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Pilot LNG – Galveston LNG Project 3D Visualization

The Galveston LNG project utilized Myriad to create stunning 3D visualizations to facilitate stakeholder engagement and garner industry recognition.

Introduction and Background

Pilot LNG’s Galveston LNG project represents a significant advancement in the energy sector, aiming to provide cleaner energy solutions and contribute to the regional economic growth of Galveston, Texas. In a pivotal early-stage engagement, Myriad Global Media played a crucial role by creating detailed 3D renders of the plant. These renders, built entirely from plans without any CAD files, not only aided in stakeholder engagement but also showcased the exceptional capabilities of Myriad Global Media in transforming complex plans into vivid visualizations.

Pilot LNG is dedicated to developing and operating liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities that offer reliable, environmentally friendly energy solutions. The Galveston LNG project is a cornerstone of their strategy, aimed at meeting the growing demand for LNG while ensuring minimal environmental impact. To communicate their vision and garner support from stakeholders, Pilot LNG required high-quality visual representations of their planned facility.


Creating accurate and engaging 3D renders from plans alone presents several challenges. Without CAD files, which provide detailed digital representations of physical components, the task of constructing accurate visual models becomes significantly more complex. Pilot LNG needed a partner who could bridge this gap, ensuring that the renders were not only precise but also compelling enough to facilitate stakeholder engagement.


As always, Myriad Global stepped up to the challenge, leveraging our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge to deliver exceptional results. The process involved several key steps:

  1. Understanding the Plans: The team meticulously studied the provided plans, extracting every detail necessary to build a comprehensive 3D model. Our ability to interpret complex technical drawings was crucial in this phase.
  2. Collaborative Approach: Regular communication with Pilot LNG ensured that the renders aligned with the project’s vision and specifications. This collaborative approach minimized revisions and ensured a smooth workflow.
  3. Utilizing Expertise: Drawing on years of experience in creating 3D renders for industrial projects, we applied best practices to ensure accuracy and realism. Our proficiency in 3D rendering software allowed us to compensate for the lack of details CAD would have given us, but to an outsider, you wouldn’t know.
  4. Iterative Development: By adopting an iterative development process, Myriad provided Pilot LNG with preliminary renders for feedback. This iterative approach enabled the team to make necessary adjustments, ensuring that the final renders met all expectations.



The final 3D renders produced by Myriad Global Media exceeded Pilot LNG’s expectations. These high-quality visualizations played a pivotal role in the early engagement with stakeholders, illustrating how the Galveston LNG plant would look once completed. The renders have been prominently featured on Pilot LNG’s website and across various industry publications, enhancing visibility and support for the project.



The success of this collaboration highlights several key impacts:

  • Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: The 3D renders provided stakeholders with a clear and realistic visualization of the project, facilitating better understanding and support.
  • Industry Recognition: The renders have been showcased across industry press, highlighting Pilot LNG’s commitment to transparency and innovation.
  • Client Satisfaction: The smooth and efficient process, coupled with the high quality of the final product, underscored Myriad Global Media’s ability to deliver exceptional results even under challenging conditions.


Myriad’s work on the Galveston LNG project exemplifies our expertise in 3D rendering and their ability to transform complex plans into compelling visual narratives. By bridging the gap between technical plans and stakeholder engagement, Myriad has helped Pilot LNG advance their ambitious project, setting a benchmark for future collaborations and a longer term relationship.