Perenco UK and the Power of Video Communications for Carbon Capture and Storage

A year-long video campaign to promote Perenco UK's Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects.


Perenco CCS sought to effectively communicate the scope and innovation of their CCS projects, Poseidon and Orion, to both internal and external audiences. The goal was to create compelling content that showcased the projects’ value and built support among stakeholders, regulators, financial institutions, and potential customers.


Partnering with our friends at Celicourt, we proposed a comprehensive multi-phase video campaign to document and highlight the progress of Perenco UK’s CCS projects over a year. This included:

  • Kick-off Film: Setting the stage and generating initial excitement.
  • Periodic Milestone Updates: Maintaining visibility and momentum.
  • Final Comprehensive Project Film: Encapsulating the year-long journey.

Our content strategy emphasized innovation, teamwork, robust safety measures, and scientific rigor. We used a mix of interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, 3D animations, and dynamic graphics to engage a global audience.

Process and Strategy

The campaign began with the ‘Kick-off’ film, designed to generate excitement and awareness. Over a two-day shoot at Perenco’s London office, we captured cinematic interviews with team members and authentic behind-the-scenes sequences. Back at our edit suite, located near Perenco’s offices, our post-production team began assembling the film.

To give the content a distinct identity, we used a documentary style and suspense-driven soundtrack, ensuring the videos commanded attention. A tight-framed camera B for interviews conveyed the seriousness of the topic, a look consistent across all updates. We incorporated 2D and 3D graphics to visualize future project details and clarify complex processes. After client feedback, we finalized the film with a professional sound mix and color grade.


The excitement was palpable in both the Myriad and Perenco offices when the Kick-off film was posted on LinkedIn, garnering significant views and community engagement.

Interesting Features

  • 3D Elements: Tracked onto live-action plates, giving the perception that participants interact with objects in front of them.
  • AI-enhanced Interviews: In the technology labs, we used an AI plugin for Premiere Pro to reduce background noise and enhance interviewee voices.

This strategic, creative, and technical collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering innovative and effective communication solutions, helping Perenco UK highlight the significant impact and importance of their CCS projects.

Take a look at the final kick off film here: