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Fraud Awareness Drama Film

Fraud Awareness communicated through a compelling corporate Fraud Awareness Drama Film educating employees on the risks of deep fake technology to enhance fraud prevention.

Introduction and Background

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the sophistication of fraudulent activities has reached unprecedented levels. Our Client, a global leader in logistics and supply chain solutions, has always prioritized the security and integrity of its operations. Recognizing the growing threat posed by advanced technologies such as deep fake videos, our Client took a proactive approach to educate its employees about these risks through a powerful and engaging medium—a short dramatic video.

Fraud is not merely an organizational concern; it is a pervasive issue that can compromise the very foundation of trust and security within a company. Our Client has adopted a zero-tolerance stance on fraud, understanding that vigilance and education are key to combating this ever-present threat. To underline their commitment, our Client hosted various engaging activities across its global business units across a dedicated week, and this Fraud Awareness Drama Film was to be the opening hero.

The Challenge

With the emergence of AI technology and deep fake videos, our Client identified a new frontier in the fight against fraud. Deep fakes can manipulate employees into sending money to fraudulent individuals by creating convincing but entirely fake videos. To address this emerging threat, our Client wanted a standout piece to serve as the hero Fraud Awareness Drama Film for the launch of International Fraud Week. The objective was clear: educate our Clients’ employees on the evolving methods criminals use to steal money, with a focus on deep fakes.


To meet this brief, Myriad Global developed an internal corporate Fraud Awareness Drama Film that illustrated the evolving nature of fraud, highlighting the global threat and the rising use of generative AI in fraudulent activities. The video was a presenter-led dramatic piece, explaining to the audience what deep fakes are, how they work, and what to do if they suspect anything unusual.

Creating a corporate Fraud Awareness Drama Film on such a tight schedule was no small feat. The process began with thorough research and script development. The script needed to be both informative and engaging, balancing technical explanations with dramatic storytelling to keep the audience captivated.

Casting was a crucial element, as the actors needed to convincingly portray both the victims of fraud and the perpetrators. The chosen cast brought a high level of professionalism and authenticity to their roles, enhancing the film’s impact.

The set design aimed to replicate a hacker’s basement, complete with dim lighting, multiple screens displaying lines of code, and an array of tech gadgets. This immersive environment helped to convey the seriousness of the threat and the sophistication of the fraudsters.

Filming took place over two days in London, with meticulous attention to detail to ensure every scene contributed to the overall narrative. The director focused on creating a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, reflecting the real-world anxiety surrounding deep fake technology and fraud.



Despite the short timeline, Myriad managed to deliver the fraud awareness drama film from brief to final delivery in just six weeks, staying on budget. The efficient and focused efforts of the Myriad team ensured that the video was ready for International Fraud Week, fulfilling our Clients’ need for a compelling and educational centerpiece for their fraud awareness campaign.

The dramatic video not only captivated its audience but also significantly raised awareness about the sophisticated nature of modern fraud. By using a realistic and engaging approach, our Client successfully educated its employees on how to identify and respond to deep fake threats. This initiative has fortified our Clients’ internal defenses, ensuring that employees are better prepared to handle potential fraud attempts in the future.

Feedback from our Clients’ employees indicated that the corporate drama film was both eye-opening and educational. Many employees expressed a newfound understanding of deep fakes and a heightened sense of vigilance in their daily operations. This positive reception underscored the effectiveness of using dramatic storytelling to convey critical information.



The collaboration between our Client and Myriad Global Media highlights the importance of innovative and timely educational initiatives in combating fraud. As fraudulent techniques continue to evolve, so must the methods of educating and protecting employees. The deep fake awareness video stands as a testament to our Client’s commitment to security and integrity, setting a benchmark for fraud awareness in the industry.

By choosing a corporate fraud awareness frama film format, our Client was able to deliver a powerful and memorable message that resonated with its global workforce. This project not only addressed the immediate threat of deep fakes but also reinforced the broader culture of vigilance and integrity that is essential for the company’s ongoing success.

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