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The Women of Woodside and the Trion Project

Celebrating International Women's Day, our dynamic Trion Project film highlights the impactful contributions of women in energy, leveraging the power of social media.

Introduction and Background

In celebration of Women’s Day, Woodside Energy partnered with Myriad Global Media to create a compelling social media film highlighting the incredible women of the Trion Project. This initiative underscores the vital contributions of women in the energy sector and the power of diversity in driving innovation and success.

The making of this film was an ambitious endeavor, shot over two days across Houston and Mexico. Myriad Global Media utilized green screen technology to seamlessly integrate diverse backdrops, ensuring a visually engaging and cohesive narrative. This approach allowed for a sharp and snappy video that mirrors the dynamic and impactful nature of the women it features.

Power of Social

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool for storytelling and engagement. The Trion Project film is a testament to this, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn to reach a global audience and inspire change. By creating a concise and impactful video, Woodside Energy and Myriad  were able to highlight the significance of diversity and inclusion in the energy sector, resonating with viewers worldwide.

Myriad has a proven track record of creating effective social media content across all their projects. Their expertise in crafting concise, engaging, and visually appealing videos ensures that key messages are communicated effectively. The Trion Project film is a perfect example of this, combining compelling storytelling with high-quality production to create a memorable and impactful piece.


The International Women’s Day social media film for the Trion Project is more than a celebration; it is a powerful reminder of the contributions women make in the energy sector. Myriad is proud to have been part of this initiative, bringing to life the stories of these remarkable women and showcasing their impact on a global stage.

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