Working with us is easy. 

We always start with your aim and objectives. We look at why do you want an animation? Who are you trying to communicate with? What’s the message? Once we have the answers, then we’re ready to start scripting and storyboarding.

Then we move onto the animation. We can either use your models from your CAD/Navisworks/BIM etc. and bring those into our animation software to add textures and movement, or we can build from plans and elevations. We possess incredible knowledge in-house and can tell a liquefaction train from a cracker or a subsea PLET from a PLEM! We also have a huge amount of stock content that we’ve developed over time that can be utilized to save you time and money.

Let us bring your project to life
with photo-realistic 3D animation. 

Here are five top reasons to work with Myriad for your 3D animation or project visualization:

1. We are incredibly knowledgeable. Our team has been working on technical animation for years. We can quickly extract your story and turn it into a piece of 3D animation communication of which you’ll be proud and meet your objectives.

2. We’re cost-effective. We save time and money by not needing to ask you what every pipe or connector does. With full understanding, we can get on with it with minimal technical input.

3. We’re good at what we do! We provide award-winning and contract-sealing results. Our work can help move your project to FID, help get the license and help engage stakeholders, shareholders, communities and teams to understand the project and bring it to life. (See that in action here on Mexico Pacific)

4. We have history. We have been around for over 30 years and will be around for another 30 years. This means we have assets of many of the common elements your project will need, saving time and money.

5. We have a large team. Our team is broad skilled and disciplined, which means we can select the best people for your job. Need a photo realistic landscape? Need a LNG plant visualized? No problem, we have a team ready to support you and your project.

Take a look at some of our
recent projects below: