• Using VR training has had an 80% higher retention rate than without 80% 80%

The augmented reality market set to hit £120 billion by 2020

+ global collaboration
+ enhance efficiency

  • Sales teams see figures increase by over 35% using AR Trackers 35% 35%

Exceptional visualisation – ensure users grasp difficult concept

+ reduce human error
+ transform information

  • Instant social impact & immediate buy-in with 79% seeking to use it again. 79% 79%

Improve design and reduce human error with real time analytics

+ cost effective training
+instant social impact

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances your perception of reality by computer generated sensory input, like sound, video or graphics. By overlaying supplemental information, in which your view of reality is modified, the user can share, design and develop information with multiple other devices in real-time.

When developing AR technology and utilising the ability to overlay information, we can mold the real-world around us and interact with a digital environment. This can be computer aided design models, appearing in 3D, or real life data, streaming via a live feed.

There are a magnitude of ideas when deciding how to utilise these capabilities within any organisation. The restrictions are minimal when thinking about usage, and as the technology advances over the next 18 months this will only get smaller.

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Virtual Reality

Stand at the peak of the highest mountain, swim at the bottom of the deepest ocean, stand in the fire of a rocket launch and follow it up to wander the cosmos – all without leaving your living room.

Virtual reality has an almost unlimited potential in creating a fully immersive and fully interactive world, taking you places previously unattainable. The technology has no boundaries and current industries that are pushing the limits are; Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Construction and Oil & Gas. This isn’t to say others are far behind.

The power of storytelling in VR is compelling, and more and more interactive solutions are helping companies increase project communications, ecological understanding, HSE training, Sales & Marketing and even train doctors on new Medical procedures.

Whatever the idea, big or small, VR can turn it into reality. Saving companies £millions over time.

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360° Photography & Film

The world of photography has been a powerful form of media for a long time and everyone knows the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. It can be as simple as finding the correct visual for a piece of content, this has been proven to increase people’s willingness to read by 80%. Plus, content with relevant images can get 94% more views than content with poor image selection, or none.

Now, in an ever changing, technology driven environment, everyone has the ability to take photography to the next level. Myriad Global Media has the ability to take an incredible image and develop this into an immersive experience. The creation of 360-degree photography has enabled organisations to form more of a lasting relationship with its audience.

Everyone decides what they do in life with their eyes, from what we eat to everything we buy, and now technology has made us more reliant on visual information. The human brain will remember 80% of what it sees but only 20% of what it reads and 10% of what it hears!

360-degree Photography is a simple panoramic image that surrounds the capture point by 360-degrees. But, as always, desire has led technology to the creation of 360-degree filming, which is a fully immersive video where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time. By using a collection of cameras connected together, the viewer has the control to view in any direction along the journey.

Myriad Global Media can immerse your audience into any environment from the comfort of their armchair. Streaming 360-degree film LIVE anywhere and sending it to any audience for full engagement.

Wherever you are in the world, our highly experienced photographers can provide you with easy coverage at a very high quality. Take a look!

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